From a Basement to Entertainment Room Styled after 1840’s Tavern

Cherry Valley Home

Location Cooperstown, New York
Scope From a Basement to Entertainment Room Styled after a 1840’s Tavern
Year 2015

The owners of this federal village townhouse had a fun idea, and Redpoint helped them execute it to perfection. They love Bump Tavern at the Farmers’ Museum, and their home had a large, stone-walled basement, so they decided to turn the space into a suite of rooms for entertaining. It now radiates an authentic historic air, though everything is new.

The wide plank details were hand planed, just as they would have been in the 1800s, so it looks more like an uncovered treasure than a basement remodel. The family dressed the room with period furniture making every event in the space feel like a trip back in time to a local tavern. When a fire is burning inside and the snow falling outside, you could be forgiven for forgetting your usual cares for a little while.