Gothic Farmhouse Lake Cottage

Location Springfield, New York
Scope New Build to Replace an Old Family Camp
Year 2020

When a couple realized that their old family camp on Otsego Lake could no longer accommodate their modern needs, they entrusted Redpoint to design and build a brand new camp to stand in its place, while also, importantly, honoring their deep history in this place (the wife's family has a lineage in the area that stretches back to the 19th century). Inspired by the historic architecture of the region -- part lake cottage, part gothic farmhouse, the new structure centers its focus around an open congregating area of kitchen/dining room/living space, including a porch which overlooks the lake.

Working with the family to salvage elements from the original camp, we integrated the original camp sign and original beadboard hutch, now refurbished, into the new kitchen area. Refined Gothic accents are a motif throughout the house, including a custom-built front door with shutters, finials on the interior staircase, an upstairs accent window, and the master bath shower cove. A rustic, streamlined wood range hood caps off the modernized camp aesthetic.